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Brass Knuckles Cartridge




Brass Knuckles Cartridge

The flavors of Brass Knuckles are unique and offer a strong and long-lasting effect. Various loyal fans and people who are new to it speak highly about our Brass Knuckles flavor. Don’t take our word for it, browse the internet for various positive comments.Our Brass Knuckles flavors are highly recommended by veteran cannabis lovers and most of our customers have been grateful they didn’t miss out on it. Lots of our customers have reported that the Brass Knuckles brand is an authentic and reliable one. And it is not unusual for people to stick to the brand, and not switch or buy any other cartridge,

Our Brass knuckle cartridges vape are durable.

Each of the Brass Knuckle carts you get from us are premium authentic products with glass and a solid metal attachment for the mouthpiece. The internal metal core is sturdy, as is the 510 thread. There shouldn’t be any problems, except if there are any occasional manufacturing flaws that come with some cartridges. Brass knuckles along with Jack Herer have very potent THC. This information is easily verified when you look at the information on other various product description page. And from what we know based on experience and usage, this is true, Brass Knuckles is very potent.

High accuracy of Brass Knuckle and affordability

The Jack Knuckles flavor comes from a cross between Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk. It’s profile of spicy pine is strongly expressed in each strain of quality cannabis. Here too, the purity and efficiency of the concentrate make the flavor and taste profile unmistakable. This is Brass Knuckle at its finest. Our brass knuckle vape comes at an excellent price. The brass knuckle flavor contains one gram (1g) of oil (1000mg). Our deliveries are not only fast, but also safe and discreet. The quality is so high you may not get anything similar elsewhere.

While some people complain that oil leaks from the mouthpiece of Brass Knuckles, the brand makers are allegedly bringing back the old cartridge design to sort the issue.