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Mario Carts




Mario Carts

We have Mario carts that have a superior filling which is suitable for machine or hand-filling. The ceramic heating element has proven to be quite a less harmful alternative to the wick heating elements.

In this Mario cart, the ceramic coil reduces the burn after taste experience and also guarantees a special smoking experience. There is an adjustable diameter which is favorable for different types of oil

The transparent glass tank also ensures that the quantity of oil in it is visible. And the 510 universal thread also fits most batteries on the market.

Our Mario carts are prefilled with 1g (1000mg) of pure and quality cannabis oil. These carts use a coil vaporizer and a rod along with a ceramic atomizer. And the Mario carts are also compatible with the 510 thread vaporizer batteries.

We have quite a several varieties for you to choose from. You may view the options below and see how many options are open to you. You will be amazed at how a combination of varieties will turn out to be.

Mario cart strain and flavors

Our Mario carts come in 1g (1000) of quality flavors. You have a plethora of options to choose from. They are all good for stress relief, relaxation, and comfort.

The hybrid pineapple strain produces a relaxation effect that will send your heart and mind to a more relaxed state. Some people prefer to enjoy theirs during the day so they can remain active as the day goes by. Some customers have reported that Grape Ape hits them like indica. A stain that helps people completely relax. A grape ape can help you get a better night’s rest by producing some quality relaxing feeling.

Our Mario carts superior taste

The Pineapple Express flavor is a sweet variety with the essence of fresh pineapple. It tastes somewhat like a palette, and most of our customers who have experienced it have reported having enjoyed it. You’re making the right choice if you prefer to vaporize something with a fruity flavor.

At 1g (1000mg), the price is unbeatable. Our Mario carts taste delicious. The delivery of our products is not only discreet but are also very well packaged through the delivery process.